Natasha, Oncology Consultant

Iseko Summers 2019 was so much fun. During the business summit I learnt a lot of useful information about finance and was able to network as well with the attendees.


The highlight of the trip for me was definitely the yacht party! Best party ever! I would definitely be attending

Iseko Summers 2020 in Cancun!

Jacques, Microbiologist

Wow what an amazing experience! I only came to have fun but left with so much knowledge and connections. I will be back next year for sure.

Ada, Teacher

I had so much fun attending Iseko Summers 2019. It truly was an amazing experience and the planners and host did such a great job in ensuring all the guests were well taken care of



Wow what an experience! To start off, Ive never been to Jamaica before, so to see there was an opportunity to not only go but connect with other professional millennials was a perfect scenario. Honestly, I've never been on a group trip as big as such (over 50 attendees) so I didn't know what to expect, but wow I'm impressed. From the initial welcome to the hotel with greetings of champagne and hourdours to the business summit where I took away key financial best practices for my everyday life. If you're looking for fun in beautiful water, connecting with other individuals and learning a few things along the way, then this is the event for you! Will be back for Cancun!

Vivian, Sales Consultant

Vanessa, Clinical Research Associate

Iseko Summers 2019 Jamaica was such a great experience. This was my first time to Jamaica and the Iseko Summers team/hosts definitely made it an experience to remember! The business summit gave me a wealth of knowledge and I loved the fact that I got to network with young professionals and entrepreneurs like myself. The yacht party was a complete movie and the gala night was a beautiful mix between class and culture. Overall, I had an amazing experience and I am looking forward to more Iseko Summers travel/events.

Obinna, Software Engineer

When I say this event was LIT I mean IT!

Tiffany, Student

I loved Iseko Summers 2019! It was such an amazing experience! I cannot wait for 2020! I will definitely be there and I'm bringing all my beautiful friends to come enjoy with me! Best experience ever!

Adisa, IT Specialist

An amazing cultural and networking experience! I loved every single event!

Sophie, Social Media Influencer

I enjoyed my time in Jamaica with Iseko Summers. The itinerary was very organized. There was a warm welcome upon my arrival. Each day was loaded with events. It was definitely a trip I’ll never forget!